For the convention attendees, we have been given special prices for rooms in Hotel Havn, and the adjoining hostel, called Bládypið (pronounced blaw-doo-ee-peh, in phonetic English-ish), located in the heart of Tórshavn.

They are located a ten minute walk from the convention venue.

Prices are:

Hotel Havn:                         Double/twin room – DKK 795,- per night

Double/twin room for one person – DKK 595,- per night

Superior suite with balcony – DKK 1195,- per night


Bládypið Guesthouse:       Dorms available for 1, 2, 3, and 4 people.

Price is DKK 325,- per night, per person

Price is DKK 545,- per night if only one person per room

All rooms have wi-fi, television and private bathroom.

                        Breakfast is included in all prices.

We recommend for any groups or people traveling together to book multi-person rooms in the hostel, so we can squeeze as many people into the hotel as possible (for as cheap as possible).

When booking, via email, mention SCANCYPAA to get the discounted prices.

Book here:      


Phone number: +298 500 600

To get the discount, and a guaranteed room, the deadline to book is October 1, 2018. If booking after this date, the discount will apply only if rooms are available.

Payment is preferred upon reservation but must be no later than October 1, 2018.

Convention Scout-House Stay

It will be possible to stay in the Scout House (called KFUM Húsið) near the convention venue, where you can rent mattresses for 100 DKK per night, available from December 27 until January 1. Bring your own sleeping bag, blanket, pillows, sheets, and whatever you need.

There are two showers in the scout house. A swimming pool is close by.

The Scout-House is less than a one-minute walk from the convention venue!

Scout House address: Hoydalsvegur 6, Tórshavn

To reserve a mattress, simply send an email to, stating how many mattresses you would like, and on what dates you would like them. Payment will be made once you arrive.

There are many different rooms to stay in, and we will try to accommodate all requests for people wishing to stay together to share rooms, though this may not always be possible!

We love you! Lots and lots and lots!