Getting to the Faroe Islands

Right off the bat, to avoid confusion down the line, the airport (yes, there is only one airport) in the Faroe Islands, is in a city called Vágar. So, when you are online, looking for tickets, when you see Vágar Airport, that’s where you want to go.

From North America:

There are no direct flights from North American to the Faroe Islands. Therefore, you will have to find a connecting flight in Iceland, or another European city. Icelandair flies from many major North American cities to Iceland, and Norwegian flies from California and New York to many European cities, very cheaply.

North American cities with direct flights to Iceland (via Icelandair):

Vancouver, Canada

Edmonton, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Halifax, Canada

Seattle, U.S.A

Portland, U.S.A

San Francisco, U.S.A

Denver, U.S.A

Dallas-Fort Worth, U.S.A

Kansas City, U.S.A

Minneapolis, U.S.A

Chicago, U.S.A

Cleveland, U.S.A

Washington D.C., U.S.A

Baltimore, U.S.A

Philadelphia, U.S.A

New York, U.S.A

Boston, U.S.A


Cheap flights from U.S.A to Europe are also available at Norwegian.


From Europe:

To fly to the Faroe Islands, the best airline to choose is Atlantic Airways. It is a Faroese airline, with many decades of experience flying in our sometimes rough Atlantic weather. Also, should any flights be delayed or cancelled, Atlantic Airways will compensate you somehow, or at least won’t leave you hanging. Atlantic Airways flies from many European destinations, including the U.K. and Norway.

SAS is another airline which does fly to the Faroe Islands, however only from Copenhagen, Denmark. These flights may be cheaper than those of Atlantic Airways, but provide less compensation in the event of delays or cancellation.

European cities with direct flights to the Faroe Islands (via Atlantic Airways):

Reykjavik, Iceland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Copenhagen (also via SAS), Denmark

Aalborg, Denmark

Billund, Denmark

Bergen, Norway

For more information about getting to the Faroes, you can also go to Visit Faroe Islands, the Faroese tourism office.





Atlantic Airways


Visit Faroe Islands


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