Advisory Board

The SCANCYPAA advisory board consist of members from previous years’ host committees. For any questions, inquiries or concerns regarding SCANCYPAA, please get in touch with us on advisory (at) scancypaa (dot) org.

Per 2023, the Advisory board members are:

  • Bjørn, Faroe Islands
  • Martin, Sweden -Chair
  • Jessica, Sweden
  • Maria, Finland – secretary
  • Samuel, Denmark
  • Niels, Denmark
  • Bobby, Denmark
  • Becky, Denmark
  • Kari, Finland
  • Laila, Finland – Co-chair
  • Susanne, Finland

SCANCYPAA Advisory Board Guidelines

  1. We are assembled by members of former host committees, with new members being elected every year and practicing the principle of rotation.
  2. We hold digital advisory meetings on a regular basis throughout the year.
  3. We work independently from any existing host committee.
  4. We provide guidance to host committees, based on our own experience, throughout the year of hosting the convention.
  5. We keep track of transferring funds in between shifting committees.
  6. We provide oversight of SCANCYPAA, and address any matters regarding the convention as a whole.
  7. We support the host committees with meeting formats, readings and other material for the conference.
  8. We own and maintain a website and a facebook group with the purpose of sharing information about the convention and interaction among convention participants.
  9. We protect the SCANCYPAA assets using non-profit best practices.
  10. We don’t get any money for our work, nor should we have any expenses related to our service commitment.
  11. We see ourselves as a fully integrated part of Alcoholics Anonymous, under the service structure of Continental Europe and try our best to practice the Traditions and Concepts for World Service.
  12. Ultimately, we are in service to the SCANCYPAA community. We are working toward making the convention a safe, welcoming and recovery focused community for all.