Bid requirements

Requirements for putting in a bid

The host committee needs to consist of at least three members, of which at least one is present at the time of the bid and all three are identified by name and in direct contact with at least one member of the board. (i.e. an email thread, a Facebook messenger group or via SMS)

The bid has to come from a Scandinavian country: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and territories such as Faroe Islands, Greenland, Svalbard.

The chair of the bid committee should have at least one year of continuous sobriety.

A host city cannot bid for next year’s convention, meaning SCANCYPAA cannot be hosted in the same city two years in a row.

We encourage the bid committee to give thought to venue and accommodation before presenting their bid, though there are no formal requirements for having this in place prior to the convention.

There need to be saunas though. (Can be waived under special circumstances.)

Process of bidding

The bid committee representative(s) has to meet with the board no later than the afternoon before the Saturday night meeting to have their bid approved.

Saturday night the bid committees get 3-5 minutes each to present their bid to the participants.

The participants of the convention will decide the outcome by applause.

The entire board will listen to the applause, and make a joint decision.

If the decision between two or more bids is not entirely clear, a vote will be taken by participants moving to one or the other side of the room to cast their vote.